Terms & Conditions

Meritocrația reprezintă o alternativă de evoluție în momentele în care societatea nu găsește soluții la varietatea de probleme care apar. 

Un sistem meritocratic este o alegere credibilă in gestionarea problemelor generale, economice, sociale si profesionale ale conducatorilor auto liber-profesionisti.

Astfel, inclusiv ocuparea posturilor  este facuta în raport cu meritele individuale.

Arbitrariul  dispare în procesele de recrutare și selecție a personalului. Educația cultiva meritele în raport cu competențele și eforturile individuale.

Uniunea Nationala a Conducatorilor Auto Liber-Profesionisti, încurajează idea de meritocrație, individul să ajungă prin propriile forțe, atât fizice cât și intelectuale, in pozitia de lider datorita realizarilor proprii, meritocratiei.


Dear Future Member,

Welcome to the U.N.C.A.L. family, where a vision born 22 years ago has transformed into a community dedicated to making the transport industry fair and accessible for everyone. Here's what being a part of our transport family entails:

1. Affordable Access to Transport Services: Our core mission is to ensure that the transport community has affordable access to services at all times. We challenge the traditional norms of the transport industry, providing you with transparent, cost-effective solutions without sneaky fees or binding contracts.

2. Meritocracy and Community Values: U.N.C.A.L. is founded on the principles of meritocracy. We believe in recognizing and rewarding individual merit, where positions and opportunities are based on skills, efforts, and achievements. Joining us means becoming part of a community that values fairness, integrity, and collaboration.

3. No Hidden Costs, No Contracts: Say goodbye to the daunting idea of paying huge lump sums for transport services. At U.N.C.A.L., we believe in simplicity and transparency. There are no hidden costs, and you won't find yourself bound by restrictive contracts. It's about fostering a community with shared values and mutual benefits.

4. Empowering LTD Drivers-Self-Employed Drivers or Owner Operator Drivers: The National Union of Professional Drivers (U.N.C.A.L.) is a legal entity established to defend the rights of freelance drivers. By joining our association, you empower yourself as a self-employed driver. We offer support, representation, and a platform for you to voice your concerns and contribute to the positive evolution of the industry.

5. Collaborative Platform - www.uncal.eu www.uncal.ro www.uncal.co.uk: To further our mission, we've created a dedicated online platform, www.uncal.eu www.uncal.ro www.uncal.co.uk This platform serves as an information hub and facilitates communication and collaboration among our members. It's your gateway to the services and opportunities we provide to achieve our collective objectives.

6. Membership Benefits: As a member of U.N.C.A.L., you gain several rights and benefits, including the use of a membership card, voting rights in the General Assembly, and the opportunity to submit projects for approval. Financial assistance, representation in dealings with authorities, and access to various services are just a few perks of being part of our community.

7. Inclusive Membership: U.N.C.A.L. welcomes various categories of members, including founding members, associate members, and sympathetic members. Whether you're an individual or a legal entity in the field of transport, holding a professional authorization or certificate, there's a place for you in our inclusive community.

8. Aiming for Excellence: We aim to elevate the standards of the transport industry by collaborating with public authorities, influencing regulations, and providing top-notch public road transport services for both individuals and goods. Our goal is to be recognized as an association of public utility, contributing to the well-being of self-employed drivers.

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Are you in?

Best Regards,

The Association "National Union of Professional Drivers" (U.N.C.A.L.)